At NYCLivingRoom, creativity meets space. We offer a range of services from photo/video studio rental to visual, graphic and web design services. Regardless of what your niche is, you can bring your work to the living room.


Yes, there's actually a couch.

We offer a range of services and eqipment rental and even visual/graphic services. So any idea you have can literally be executed from scratch. Anything you need to make your vision come alive can be found in the living room! 

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Who's house is it anyways?

NYCLivingRoom is ran by creatives in their own respects as well in fact! Each person who manages the space have their own skill sets and of course reason they are sitting in the living room. So go on, get to know them!

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What's going down in the living room?

Calling all creatives! To celebrate the launch of our new space we invite you the week of July 16th to our first ever networking event. 30$ headshots will be made available and shot by NYCLivingRoom staff along with open bar, and dope performances.  

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We are located at 55 Meadow St in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY) right off the L train Grand Street station.


"NYC. In a room. Because it's the NYCLivingRoom, yeah!"

— @indigogeneral (via @nyclivingroom)



Did you know that included in your rental is access to the rooftop? Well if you don't know, now you know. The rooftop can be used for photo/video shoots. 


350sq ft studio space - 1200 sq ft out door space - 15ft wide 13ft high green screen wall - skylight - intercom entry 

Additionally, the studio space features a fully functioning sink and also a shower in the bathroom!