Our hours of operation are

Monday: 4pm-9pm

Thursday: 10am-9pm

Friday: 10am-9pm

Saturday: 10am-9pm


We are a photo video studio based in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We offer hourly rental rates of our space starting at $60/hr as well as
equipment rental. Photography, video, graphic and web design services are also available.



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Kenny Cosme also known as Kenny40mm is a multidisciplinary photographer, videographer, and photo studio owner based in Williamsburg, New York. Born and raised in Queens, Kenny has been taking photographs from a very young age. Following in the family business of Wedding photography and later expanding into various disciplines of photography styles such as candid, modeling, landscape, and concert work. Kenny is an Alumni of The Academy for Careers in Television, graduating with a specialty in film production and video editing. Kenny has worked with such acts such as The A$AP mob, ORG or nothing, and Kinto Sol. Born to a Mexican family, Kenny is fluent in both English and Spanish! Check out his portfolio at www.kenny40mm.com



Caitlyn Pierre is a freelance graphic designer from Brooklyn, New York.  Born and raised mainly in Brooklyn, through friends and her environment she acquired the enjoyment of bringing people's creative ideas to life through both photography and graphic design. In 2016, she graduated from The High School of Fashion Industries majoring in Visual Merchandising and in 2018 received an Associates of Applied Science in Communication Design from Fashion Institute of Technology. In her spare time Caitlyn is a Mokojumbie (stilt walker) and afterschool teacher for stilts. Check out her portfolio at www.caitlynpierre.com